About Us


Todos Santos Palms

The company, Vivero del Cielo Razo, S.A. de C.V. (Nursery of the Clear Sky), was established in 1987.  We are a family of knowledgeable growers who are helpful in finding the right palm for your intended use and growing conditions.

The purpose in establishing the palm nursery was to grow beautiful, healthy palms suitable for landscaping in the Baja California Sur region. All the palms are grown in Baja California Sur so they have already acclimated to the zone’s unique desert/sea climate and soil conditions.

We invite you to visit Rancho Cañada Honda, Las Playitas (the old road), Todos Santos, BCS, where some of the most beautiful palms in the world are grown.  We are long standing members of the International Palm Society – www.palms.org – the largest society of palm enthusiasts in the world.